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Rocky Mountain Real Estate

Title and Escrow

Title Insurance When Refinancing Your Loan

Title Insurance Requirements for Insuring Trusts

Title Insurance - Where Does Your Dollar Go?

Lower interest rates have motivated you to refinance your home loan. In today's world of busy probate courts and exorbitant death taxes... Title Insurance: As a homebuyer, the term is probably familiar.


Understanding Title Insurance

Creative Financing

Statements of Information

What is title insurance? Newspapers refer to it in the weekly real estate sections. Creative financing: You've heard of it, and, as a seller, the idea sounds pretty attractive. What's in a name? When a title company seeks to uncover matters affecting title to real property.


Understanding Preliminary Reports

Required Reporting to the I.R.S.

The Functions of an Escrow

After months of searching, you've finally found it -- your perfect dream home. Sellers of real property will have certain information regarding the sale reported. Buying or selling a home (or other piece of real property).


Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

Title Insurance. It's a term we hear and see frequently